Young Pune entrepreneur wins laurels for organic farm products
Neha Dattatray Ghavate is the recipient of the Ramabai Joshi award for women entrepreneurs MCCIA awards 2017.

She said that she wanted to stand on her own feet because she belonged to the farming-agriculture community so she planned to start the business in the same verticals, where she can use the raw materials from organic farms.

Ms. Neha completed her graduate degree in 2013-2014 in B.Sc.(Chemistry) at Wadia College.  Since the family was engaged in the business related to agriculture, so she learned more about fruits and vegetable processing and started Natural Agro Company.  At Natural Agro, we make dehydrated powders from fruits and vegetables (spinach, garlic, onion, lemon grass, mint) from organic farms. These are freshly bought, then graded, chopped and washed in the clean water. Then, they are dried in the tray dryer at a particular temperature so the vitamins, minerals, and proteins stay intact in the products. The dehydrated powders are used in flavoring soups, curries. We are known for supplying and manufacturing mint powder, lemon grass powder, beetroot powder, curry leaf powder, dry jambhul. Ever since our inception, we strive rigorously to manufacture products of impeccable quality by adopting and adhering to the principle of uniformity in the business protocol. 

Neha’s mother was working woman and helped her daughter to fulfill her dream by giving 15 lacs which she took from the bank as a loan. With this initial 15 lacs, she completed the construction of manufacturing plant and further she got financial assistance from her father for setting up agro-processing machinery. She took 25 lacs from her father.

Ms. Neha told that our products are organic and formulations are natural, pure and safe to consume, we began testing it in Pune first, then slowly to Mumbai and now we send our products to Singapore through Peshwai foods and to Dubai, through a trading company. But since we also set up our website, we get a lot of mail orders from across the country. The company wishes to spread its business )organic products) everywhere in the world and she is committed for that.