Pineapple Cultivation in India
Pineapple is one of the commercially important fruits of India.

It is one of the choicest fruits all over the world. It has a pleasant taste and flavour. Pineapple is being eaten fresh as well as can be canned and processed in different forms.India is the fifth largest producer of pineapple with an annual output of approximately 1.2 million tonnes.

Pineapple is a good source of Vitamin A and B. It is also very rich in vitamin C and minerals. It is also a source of Bromelain, a digestive enzyme. It has many varieties. Kew, Queen, and Mauritius are grown in Assam and NE states.Mauritius, Kew, and Queen are grown in Kerala. Giant Kew and Queen are grown inWest Bengal.

Pineapple is grown in areas with a heavy rainfall is best for pineapple growth. The fruit grows well near the sea coast as well as the interior. Pineapple can be grown in almost any type of soil. Well-drained and light in texture is preferred. It can also be grown in sandy, alluvial or laterite soil.