Dairy Farm Business - Some points to be known before start

Well,anyone who wants to go for commercial dairy farming business in India will certainly have some basic questions. Let us discuss different type of questions related to starting a dairy farm in India.

Introductionof Dairy Farming Business:

Well,anyone who wants to go for commercial dairy farming business in India willcertainly have some basic questions. Let us discuss different type of questionsrelated to starting a dairy farm in India.

DairyFarm Business – What should I start with cows or buffaloes in my farm?

Well,there is no direct or easy answer for this and It depends on many factors.Generally, you can expect more milk from cows when compared to buffaloes.However, buffalo milk fat content is twice as much as cow milk because of thisreason, buffalo milk gets better price in local markets. When it comes to dailymilking, milking a cow can be done by automated machines where as it would bedifficult task for buffaloes. Buffaloes are hardy animals and more diseaseresistant when compared to cows. When it comes to price, cows are cheaper thanbuffaloes. Heat cycle detection is easy in cows when compared to buffaloes. Soultimately it is your decision to choose one of them. I have personally heardfrom many dairy farmers they like buffaloes than cows. However, final call isyours, of course you can have both them and test yourself..

DairyFarm Business – What types of buffaloes can we choose from?

Well,there are quite a few to select from. However, the popular dairy breeds inIndia are; Hariyana, Jaffarabadi, Murrah, Nili Ravi, Mehsana, Surti and otherlocal breeds.

DairyFarm Business – Which buffalo is suitable for dairy farming?

Most ofthe breeds are suitable and its up to you choose from based on price, milkyield and other management factors. Most of the dairy farmers showing interestin Murrah buffalo..

DairyFarm Business – How much milk does Murrah give per day?

Milkyield depends on feed input and maintenance. On an average milk yield of anyMurrah buffalo ranges from 8 to 18 liters per day (morning and evening).

DairyFarm Business – What is the cost of Murrah buffalo?

It variesfrom buffalo to buffalo. However, on an average, each Murrah buffalo costsabout Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 depending on the qualities of the buffalo. In caseof high milk yielding, they may cost even 2 to 3 lakhs. These are especiallycan be bought for breeding.

DairyFarm Business – What factors determine the price of a Murrah buffalo?

Well,certain factors will decide the price of any buffalo not only Murrah. Thefollowing are main points influence the price.

  • Size and structure of the animal,
  • Milk yield per day
  • Hereditary of the buffalo
  • Lactation cycle.

DairyFarm Business – What is lactation cycle in dairy farming?

Lactationcycle is nothing but calving cycle of the buffalo. For example, secondlactation means the buffalo has given birth for the second time.

DairyFarm Business – Why is lactation cycle important in dairy farm business?

DairyFarm Business some facts you should know.

In anycommercial dairy business, 2nd lactation and 3rd lactation animals arepreferred. First lactation buffaloes might not be consistent as the buffaloestend to adapt to motherhood. However, anything beyond third lactation isconsidered as old or aged.

DairyFarm Business – How to identify lactation of a buffalo in dairy farm business?

It comesby experience. It’s usually easy to identify first lactation and over thirdlactation but it is bit difficult to differentiate between second and thirdlactation.

DairyFarm Business : “ What is the milking period of Murrah buffalo in a year?

Basically,it ranges from 250 days to 300 days.

DairyFarm Business : “ What is the dry period of Murrah buffalo? (For how many dayswill the buffalo not give milk”?

Generally,it is between 65 to 100 days. But if you have missed heat cycles then it couldbe very long.

DairyFarm Business – What is heat cycle in dairy farm business?

Heatcycle is the period when the buffalo is ready to get pregnant again. Usually,this lasts 12 to 24 hours and during this period, the buffalo has to be matedwith a bull  (male) or artificially inseminated.

DairyFarm Business – How to identify heat cycle in dairy farming?

Thiscomes with experience.  Blind point is, usually buffaloes make matingnoise and urinate frequently when they are in heat.

DairyFarm Business – When does the buffalo come to heat after calving (after givingbirth)?

Well, itcould start 6 to 7 weeks after giving birth. Identifying heat cycle andimpregnating the buffalo as soon as it comes to heat is one of the factors thatdetermines success in dairy farm business.. This avoids buffalo having long dry(not giving milk between lactation) for long periods.

DairyFarm Business- What is a dry period?

This isthe period between when the buffalo stops giving milk and the next calving. Ifyou have identified heat cycle early and mated the buffalo then this will beshort or else it will be very long.

DairyFarm Business – Does the buffalo yield same amount of milk all through thelactation?

No.overall yield for the entire lactation is more important. Take an example, abuffalo which yielded 12 liters per day at calving might increase to 14 litersper day at third week and from there it slowly comedown to 12 liters and then staythe same way for long way and then it will slowly come down and come to a stop.So the

DairyFarm Business – How much profit canI make from Murrah buffalo dairy farming?

Well,there is no perfect answer for this. However, it depends on dairy managementpractices.

DairyFarm Business – How can make profits and successful in dairy farm business?

  • Interest is main factor to be successful in dairy farming. Work with passion to benefit from dairy farming.
  • Monitoring the farm is very important to involve and stay connected with daily activities in the farm.
  • Never start with huge capital and start with 1 or 2 animals and understand the challenges and get the experience in dairy field. Once you are familiar with the business, go for expansion on large scale.
  • Initially, don’t get into dairy farm business with your own money. Once you get the confidence, try for commercial dairy farming.
  • For making home grown fodder to avoid feed cost, make sure you have good land where you can cultivate green fodder. Make silage form these green fodders for better milk yield.
  • Choosing good quality and structured animals are important before entering to commercial dairy farm business..
  • Feed concentrate for animals should be bought at the lowest possible price.
  • In order to be successful dairy farmer, good care of the calves in necessary. The female calves can start milking after 3 years which can reduces capital cost.
  • Identifying heat cycle early and inseminating the buffalo is important to avoid long dry periods.
  • Make sure to have veterinary doctor visit the farm at least once in 2 weeks.
  • To make more profits in dairy farming, prepare good marketing plant to sell milk directly to the large consumers. So that milk collection units will be at your farm gate daily for buying in bulk.

Howabout any subsidy or bank loan to start a dairy farm?

Goodquestion, there are subsidies available in dairy farming from state schemes.There are bank loans available for dairy projects from NABARD in India. Foreligibility and procedure to avail the dairy farming benefits, contact yourlocal agriculture bank or any NABARD office.

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